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What are the characteristics of polyimide film when used?
2022-02-11 11:20:25

Of course, due to the good use effect, the price of polyimide film is slightly higher than other similar products. However, as an important industrial tape, it is often used in industry. Therefore, if it is used in industry, you should choose this kind of tape, because there are many industrial work requirements that must be sealed. If you need it in life, you can choose another kind of tape, which has a certain economy.

Polyimide film is an industrial tape that has been well received by many users. Since users like it, it must have its characteristics. What are the characteristics of use?

1. High density. In fact, for tape, it has to reach a certain density. Only at a certain density can better results be achieved in use. Not only does it greatly improve firmness, but it also improves sealing.

2. High temperature resistance. This is also a must-have feature for industrial tapes, as there are many high-temperature environments in industrial environments.

Polyimide Film Tape

If good high temperature resistance cannot be achieved, the purpose of use will not be achieved, not only for industrial use, but also for tapes used in daily life. There are also many high temperature environments where tape is used, so you need such tape as well.

3. Radiation resistance. This is also one of the most important properties of polyimide films. Not only to meet the protection requirements of industrial components, but also to meet the environmental protection requirements of the human body.

4. Chemical resistance. In industrial settings, many are used in chemical environments. If it is ordinary tape, naturally it cannot meet this requirement.

Polyimide double-sided tape has excellent insulation, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance of 300 degrees / 10 minutes, 180 degrees, and can be used for a long time. It is widely used for welding protection and high temperature insulation binding of transformer coils; capacitor insulation materials, high temperature spray shielding protection of PCB gold fingers, and manufacturing and binding of mobile phone lithium batteries.