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What are the applications of adhesive polyimide film?
2022-02-16 11:44:55

The biaxial drawing process of polyimide, like carbon fiber, is a fundamental process issue. There's a lot we don't know. In foreign countries, this process problem has been solved with the wisdom of generations of process engineers. Domestic process engineers are poor losers and cannot settle for a process problem with the status quo. As far as I know, the industry rep DuPont's polyimide is defined as a military product.

It is not allowed to build production lines abroad to avoid technology diffusion; Chinese people are not allowed to enter the US biaxial film stretching production line, no matter where you are now? Not as long as it is Chinese. If it is only a problem of equipment, why can domestic carbon fiber only be the lowest T300, and the uniformity between batches cannot be guaranteed? Both the T700 and 800 were imported and had to take a detour. Military products like this don't remember the cost. If it can be done with money, let alone hundreds of millions, it is tens of billions. It's a matter of minutes.

Polyimide film Factory

Adhesive polyimide film is a high performance tape. Due to its high performance, it has a wide range of applications. What is its scope of application?

1. Movies. We all know that the film must be pasted with tape during use, or because of production needs, or because of failures during use. Due to the thin film, it is difficult to adapt to the selection of tape. It has to have a strong seal, but this tape will also work well.

2. Paint. The coating will also be used during production and use, either for finishing, or for changing the area of the overall coating. The use of this tape also has great adaptability.

3. Plastic. It must be pointed out that there are many kinds of tape that stick to plastic, but not many that actually make it perform well. It is precisely because of the smoothness of plastic itself that it cannot achieve good sealing performance during use. However, the manufacturing process and material of this polyimide film itself have certain particularities, so it can be adapted to the use of plastics.

4. For various composite materials, the composite material itself is very smooth, and the chemical composition is not very certain, so the requirements for the tape are very high, but this tape has good adaptability.