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Polyimide film can play a very good antistatic application
2023-03-19 09:49:03

Polyimide tape can play a very good antistatic application. Static electricity itself has a certain influence on some chemical substances. Ordinary tapes are also chemical materials, so they will be affected by it, and let it Reduced service life.

There are many ways to classify polyimide film special engineering plastics. This article only discusses polyimide used as engineering plastics, and only classifies and clarifies according to physical structure characteristics and chemical structure characteristics.

polyimide film

According to its physical characteristics, it can be divided into crystalline type and amorphous type. Most polyimides are in the wrong crystal type, and only a few polyimides are crystalline and semi-crystalline. The crystalline form has a prominent melting point, relatively low melt viscosity and processability above the melting point, and is the preferred structure type when developing thermoplastic polyimides. Amorphous polyimide has no melting point, and the melt viscosity above the glass transition temperature (Tg) is still high, so molding is generally used.

Many special materials need to use 6052 polyimide film tape, just like some materials will have static electricity, it is difficult for ordinary tape to adapt to this situation, but polyimide can be well used on it, so for The function of special materials can play a very good guarantee effect, so in more cases, other tapes are only used in general, and it is difficult to achieve the purpose of professional use.