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Performance index of polyimide film material
2023-03-15 11:48:13

The function of polyimide film is to isolate charged parts with different potentials in electrical equipment. Therefore, the insulating material should first have high insulation resistance and withstand voltage strength, and can avoid leakage, breakdown and other accidents. Secondly, the heat resistance is better to avoid aging and deterioration due to long-term overheating; in addition, it should also have good thermal conductivity, moisture resistance and lightning protection, high mechanical strength and convenient processing.

polyimide film

According to the above requirements, the performance indicators of commonly used insulating materials include dielectric strength, tensile strength, specific gravity, expansion coefficient, etc. The insulating materials commonly used by electricians can be divided into inorganic insulating materials, organic insulating materials and mixed insulating materials according to their different chemical properties.

Under the requirements of many jobs, it must also achieve a strong sealing performance, and we all know that there are many different environments in the process of composite material construction, and some environments are naturally not suitable for ordinary adhesive tape , such as high temperature, such as water, etc., and under such circumstances, this polyimide film can also achieve a very good adaptability. Therefore, it is also the best when composite materials need to use adhesive tape. choose.

In the electrical and electronic industry, it can be used for insulation wrapping of H-class motors and transformer coils with higher requirements, wrapping and fixing of high-temperature resistant coil ends, protection of thermal resistance for temperature measurement, entanglement of capacitors and wires, and other bonding insulation under high-temperature working conditions.

In the circuit board manufacturing industry, it can be used for electronic protection paste, especially for SMT temperature protection, electronic switches, PCB gold finger protection, electronic transformers, relays and other electronic components that need high temperature resistance and moisture protection. And according to the needs of special processes, it is equipped with low-static and flame-retardant polyimide tape! High-temperature surface reinforcement protection, high-temperature spray paint and sandblasting coating for metal materials to shield the surface protection, after high-temperature spray paint baking, it is easy to peel off without leaving residue glue.