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How to provide a solid foundation for the industrialization of polyimide film?
2022-02-09 10:36:25

Polyimide has good dielectric properties with a dielectric constant of about 3.4. The dielectric constant can be reduced to around 2.5 by introducing fluorine or dispersing air nanoscale in the polyimide. Dielectric loss 10-3, dielectric strength 100-300kv/mm, Guangcheng thermoplastic polyimide 300kV/mm, volume resistance 1017Ω/cm. These performances can still be maintained at a high level over a wide temperature and frequency range.

Improve the key process technology of 6051 polyimide film. With the deepening of polyimide research, my country's self-produced polyimide film technology will gradually improve, and production costs will gradually decrease.

After the successful industrialization of the high-performance polyimide film developed by the polyimide cover film in my country, it will reduce the price of the domestic high-performance polyimide film and reduce the cost of its application field, which is very beneficial to the development of the electrical and electronic industry. in China.

At present, there is an urgent need to actively develop the preparation and stable production technology of special resins, to provide a solid foundation for the industrialization of polyimide films, to fill the gaps in the domestic related technical fields, and to break the foreign monopoly on polyimide films.

This technology provides a complete set of mature key technologies for the development of such high-tech materials in China, promotes my country's industrial progress and industrial upgrading, and helps my country transform from a large production country to a scientific and technological power.

In order to promote the development of the high-end application market of polyimide film, the industry cycle of research and development of new materials is long, and the market introduction cycle is also long. Relying on the excellent characteristics of polyimide film such as high temperature resistance, high electrical insulation, high strength and toughness, it accelerates market development and further accelerates its localization process in the field of high-end materials, becoming the most potential high-value-added and broad application prospect. The price advantage of new industrial film materials is very obvious. The price of similar domestic products is only half of that of foreign products.