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Application of Polyimide Film in Microelectronic Devices
2023-03-31 10:13:44

Polyimide tape (polyimide tape) is based on polyimide film, the glue is silicone/acrylic glue, the color is amber, and it is a high-temperature tape for electronic products. Polyimide tape is commonly known as gold finger tape and KAPTON tape, and its international general trade name is KAPTON TAPE. Polyimide tape has a high insulation level, high and low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, solvent resistance, radiation protection, used for high-grade electrical insulation and lithium battery positive and negative tab fixing, and suitable for circuit board (PCB) wave soldering When used, it is used to protect the gold finger part, easy to tear off, not easy to break, leaving no residue after tearing.

polyimide film

Film: Polyimide film is one of the earliest products of polyimide, which is used for slot insulation of motors and wrapping materials of cables. Transparent polyimide films serve as flexible solar cell substrates. The sail of the only solar sailboat at present, Japan's IKAROS (Icarus), is made of polyimide film and fiber.

Photoresist: Some polyimides can also be used as photoresists, with negative and positive resists, and the resolution can reach submicron level. Cooperating with pigments or dyes can be used for color filter films, which can greatly simplify the processing procedure.

Polyimide tape also has good insulation, which is the final reason why it is suitable for use on this. Another point is that it must have strong firmness. The tapes that are suitable for this are generally It is an electronic product, and an electronic product must ensure its long-term performance.

Although some tapes have a certain degree of insulation, in the process of use, their firmness is not strong, and it may not be durable in long-term use. This is also the deficiency of ordinary tapes. The most important thing is polyimide Amine tape can play a good role in anti-static use. Static electricity itself has a certain influence on some chemical substances. The general tape is also made of chemical materials, so it will be affected by it and reduce its service life.

Application in microelectronic devices: used as a dielectric layer for interlayer insulation, as a buffer layer can reduce stress and improve yield. As a protective layer, it can reduce the impact of the environment on the equipment. The semiconductor industry uses polyimide as a high-temperature adhesive, which can isolate the metal layer from various external environments.