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Adhesive polyimide film is an engineering plastic with the same high temperature resistance grade.
2022-02-10 11:13:45

Polyimide double-sided tape, also known as Kapton double-sided tape, is based on 0.025mm polyimide film, coated with imported organic silica gel on both sides, and has a total thickness of 0.1mm. face or both sides. It can be used as high-grade electronic insulating material and auxiliary fixing in various high temperature resistant environments, such as flexible circuit board production, high temperature bonding of electronic components, etc. The utility model is also particularly suitable for fixing flexible circuit board stickers with clamps during reflow soldering piece.

Adhesive polyimide film is an engineering plastic with the same high temperature resistance grade. It can be used for a long time at 430℃. Has excellent dimensional stability, thermal insulation, oxidation stability, chemical resistance and good machinability. Generally speaking, polyimide can replace traditional plastics as long as it is resistant to high temperature and chemicals.

Polyimide Film Tape

At present, polyimide is mainly used in aerospace, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, precision machinery and office machinery.

At present, the more common finished polyimide material is DuPont's Kapton series of films, which are mostly used in the electrical field. In addition, GE's ULTEM polyimides are primarily used as engineering resins.

1. According to thermogravimetric analysis, the initial decomposition temperature of fully aromatic polyimide is generally around 500 °C. The polyimide synthesized from biphthalic anhydride and p-phenylenediamine has the highest thermal stability among the polymers so far, and the thermal decomposition temperature is 600 °C.

2. Polyimide can withstand extremely low temperature, such as not embrittlement in liquid helium at -269℃.

3. Polyimide has excellent mechanical properties. The tensile strength of unfilled plastic is greater than 100MPa, that of homophenyl polyimide (Kapton) film is greater than 170MPa, and that of biphenyl polyimide (upilex s) is 400MPa. As an engineering plastic, the amount of elastic film is usually 3-4gpa, and the fiber can reach 200GPa. According to theoretical calculation, the fiber synthesized by phthalic anhydride and p-phenylenediamine can reach 500gpa, second only to carbon fiber.